About Us

We are a small family run business, all working together to play our part in bringing you the best possible quality evergreen products.  We are a large family, so it really works well being able to match our strong suits to various tasks.  

We live in far Northeastern Wisconsin, home to the cool, deep forests that teem with wild creatures and peaceful hills, valleys, wild rivers and creek bottoms.  Millions of acres of forest blanket our beautiful Northwoods.  We traverse the wilds and emerge every year with a little of the God-given bounty of evergreens to bring fresh to you, your family, or organization!

Our products start with us, the entire way.  We have intimate control over the dates and times our boughs are picked.  This ensures the absolute best quality possible for you!  We know how many “frosts” there were, which is critical to needle retention.  We also know our boughs came from sustainable stands of wild balsam.  

A little after-luch nap….picking is hard work!

Into the outdoors!

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