Product Info

Our primary product is Christmas Wreaths.  We construct wreaths from 18″ up to 60″, with most any size in between.  Fresh, heavy Balsam Fir Garland is also available, any length, and individually tagged for ID. We also make crosses, candy canes, horse heads, swags, hanging baskets, kissing balls, fireside baskets and porch pots.  We also offer a lighter grade of garland and offer Balsam Roping. We can also customize messages or words for your business, school or home on custom made frames!

Most of the wreaths and products we make are Balsam Fir. We do produce our standard wreaths with a mix of other greens if desired, such as White Pine, Cedar, Spruce or Hemlock. For customers looking for other species of wreaths we have you covered as well. We make Red Pine, Cedar, Economy, Spruce and Stick Balsam wreaths that will fit any budget or style.

Balsam with White Pine mixed in

We also may sell custom “picked” boughs of various species, whether you make your own wreath or planter, or if you  need enough boughs to make 500 wreaths, contact us for information on availability and pricing.

Our wreaths are always hung and stored in cold storage
Door post swag (Horizontal swag) and wreath with bottom bow.
Loading some evergreens for a customer…
Fresh Garland, any quantity, lengths up to 200 feet
Heavy Balsam Fir Roping
Weather-proof Porch Pot
Standard decorated wreath
48″ Decorated Wreath
Red Pine wreath
Spruce wreath
Balsam “Stick Wreath”
Horse Head
Fireside Basket
Kissing Ball
Vertical Swag
Horizontal Swag

Here are a few miscellaneous notes on some of our products:

Garland is basically “One sided” while Roping has the boughs off “Both sides” making it appear more “Rope-like.” However, regular garland can be used in the same fashion as roping. The roping is more expensive as it takes more time to construct, and uses more boughs. We sell very little roping, as our standard garland is very nice and suits 99% of our customers.

We construct custom items as well! This includes Stars, Fireplace Mantle Runners and Custom welded frames that spell out names or seasonal messages! We can custom tailor a wreath to add more decorative items as well, including beautiful song birds, multiple species of greens, many varieties of ribbon, multiple bows, and more!

We offer custom cut Christmas trees as well. Contact us and inform us what species and size of tree you’d like, and we will have it ready for you! Tree sizes range from 2′-16′ tall. Available species include Balsam Fir, Spruce and White Pine.

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