Care & Tips

Fresh, natural, wild organic wreaths will keep much longer under these guidelines. Properly cared for wreaths can last until Spring!        Wreaths stored or displayed inside a heated, climate controlled area similar to a home may only last 3-4 weeks.  Wreaths are in optimal conditions outside rather than inside.  Avoid storing or displaying in direct sunlight, steady wind, or temps above 68 degrees F.          

Shade and cool temps are best if possible. Do not set up stand or display near a heat source, blower, etc.  You can spray or mist fresh water on them as well, if temps warm up, or there is a brief exposure to imperfect conditions.  Make sure your water source is not over a water softener! Salt is not good for the wreaths! We display our personal and family wreaths outside in shade or partial shade and they remain green until the snow leaves!  (And Spring is many times late up here, there has been ICE on lakes yet for the fishing opener in May!) 

Wreath storage goes beyond just proper temperatures. Wreaths are much fuller and retain needles better when hung on poles or boards. Wreaths stacked or piled up can get flattened very quickly. Usually working the wreath a bit will regain some of its original thickness, but the pole method is by far superior. All orders placed with us and scheduled for pickup at our facility are hug on poles unless the purchaser requests otherwise.

Boughs make a nice resting spot, too!

“Candy Cane”

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