Ristau Immergrun does various wreath projects for fundraisers. Ristau Immergrun does the “AUTOFUNDRAISER” for Urkraftig K9, which helps raise money for or sustain Police K-9 programs.  It is implemented where other immediate community fundraisers do not conflict with it. We can help with many various school, community or Church events you may have!

For fundraising events, product can be picked up in bulk, or delivered in bulk. We also are able to take orders to ship wreaths/product directly to homes and businesses if that is needed or preferred, especially if your entity fundraises earlier than the actual season for wreaths. We work with you to develop a strategy that optimizes your time, resources and fundraising goals.

Fundraising organizations that are picking orders up are strongly encouraged to drop your enclosed trailer(s) at our property. We directly fill the trailer with your order, which is a tremendous time saver for you and us. We can help organize a system to hang wreaths in your trailer if that is desired, and is done prior to the “season.”

We also encourage potential new customers and organizations to contact us with intentions, possible orders, et cetera, ASAP! Fall is very busy!

Natural wreath with Balsam Fir, Cedar & White Pine

For some Fundraisers, there is a “guaranteed sale” built in, where if your fundraiser called for 200 wreaths, but only moved 180, your entity only pays for what it actually sold!

Please check out our other pages for more information and other photos. Please contact us with any questions, or if you need specific photos and dimensions. Don’t forget to ask for our latest Wholesale Flyer! We will mail you one promptly upon request!

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