For pricing we have a wide field of options. We offer very high quality, plush wreaths.  It takes time and effort to produce these.  We don’t haphazardly throw together wreaths.  Having said that, we will meet or in most all cases beat any competitor wholesale pricing.

For Fundraising efforts, we may decide to lower the price per wreath even more.  On certain long-standing fundraisers we will beat your current supplier. On appropriate fundraisers, we kick in and make it almost impossible for you to consider another source!

Small, or individual retail sales are available on “Retail” page, or by telephone or email for pick-up or delivery.  We accept CASH, MONEY ORDERS, PAY PAL, AND ALL MAJOR CREDIT CARDS.

We want your wreath sales to flourish! That is why we privately negotiate the orders.  We do not want our customers getting “hung” or “stuck” with items.  Our customers are in varied markets as well, and we structure prices accordingly.  We are not going to sell you 100 wreaths per location if we feel it may only support 30. Having said this, it is imperative that our customers properly inform their employees on proper care of the displays! For parties selling our wreaths for-profit, it is only right you have a little “skin in the game” so to speak. We make every effort to take any risk of loss in mind when structuring a new customers profile!

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