We sell wreaths wholesale to Florists, grocery, meat shops, art shops, craft shops, gift shops, hardware stores and more.  All we need is the proper paper work for tax exemption, and we go from there.  Product can be scheduled as picked up here, or be delivered on our routes. Products picked up are considerably cheaper!

We do not Advertise Wholesale Prices! Please call for customized quotes and don’t forget to get our latest Wholesale Price flyer! Our standard wholesale price list is for Balsam Fir products. For customers interested in Red Pine, Cedar, Hemlock, Spruce, Economy or Balsam Stick wreaths, please request that wholesale flyer as well! Thank you!

“Into Bough Valley”

Wholesale customers choose “natural” or undecorated products by far the most, but we can decorate with a simple bow, or dress up further with pine cones, frosted pine cones and berries. We have many ribbon types to choose from as well should you want something other than standard “Red Velvet.” Other ribbon examples are Red with Gold back, Burgundy, White with Cardinals, and more.  We can accommodate orders in any quantity, from 3 to 3000.  

Certain wholesale orders have the option of including one of our handy display stands. As of 2019, they may be purchased at a cost of $50.00. They may be used by purchaser for the season for a $25.00 charge, and then remain property of Ristau Immergrun.

Our stands take up about 16 square feet, and fold up for ease of storage.  Each stand holds up to 30- 24″ wreaths. Our stands also accommodate multiple sizes, in varying configurations.  Picture at right shows 48″ wreaths on bottom.

A wholesale order being prepared for pickup at the “Warehouse”
Example: Porch Pot.

For certain wholesale customers we offer “economy” wreaths. Economy wreaths use less boughs than our standard wreaths. They are also manufactured differently. Economy wreaths will have more of a tendency to “wave” at you, or have floppy ends of the greens and take far less time for us to make. If this is not a problem for the way you decorate your wreaths you may wish to inquire about them! If you are comparing prices to other manufacturers this is most likely the type of wreath you are being quoted. The number one thing we hear customers say is they cannot believe how much thicker and fuller our wreaths are than where they got them before! IT COSTS A LOT MORE MONEY TO PRODUCE HEAVY, PLUSH WREATHS!

Example: Economy wreath
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